requiem for mia

I got the call from Martin.  He was at Toronto Animal Control and he had found a dog.  She was good with cats and kids, bad with female dogs.  He sent me a photo and she did not look very good.  She was harnessed in black and looked like the poster dog for a banned breed.  She was a pit bull.

She was five years old and it was 2006. The Province of Ontario had outlawed pit bulls born after 2005 because the idiots who ran the province then (and still do) believe that you can legislate dog bites away by banning one breed.

I was hesitant.  Not because we had just lost our dog Brigid to a short illness, but because having a pit bull might prove to be problematic.  She would not be allowed to walk without a muzzle.  She would never be allowed off-leash.  She would be ostracized, blamed, feared and rejected.  I said yes.  Her name was Mia.



And she was lovely.  Tan coloured with soulful eyes that I grew to adore.  She was introduced to our 4 year old son and our two cats and was gentle and respectful.  Then we took her for a walk.


‘Bad with female dogs’ my ass.  She hated all dogs.  Hated. All. Dogs.  I mean with a passion, with a vengeance reserved for only those whose loved ones have been murdered where they sought retribution with only death and painful destruction on their minds.  Our sweet and gentle soul turned into some scary shit.  You know anti-pit-bull propaganda pictures?  The ones where their lovely, giant smiling mouths turn into maws of menace, teeth ba