we were broken

Some time ago I received an email that my Guilty Vegetarian blog “contain(ed) known malware.” Even though the site had been left to gather dust, I was disturbed. What was this malware and how did it get in? Just like how did that rat end up in my kitchen filing cabinet a few months ago? I need answers. While I ponder, I take comfort that at least the malware was known, which I suppose is better than un-known malware. The better the devil you know, as they say.

While the nasty bits were being ejected, it was evident that now is the time for an overhaul. While the design change will be ongoing in the next little while, the colour scheme urgently needed an upgrade. The scores who used to read the blog had long since dropped off, not because the site was dormant, but because they had all gone blind by the white letter format on a black background. While I thought it looked jazzy, I realized that I went through about three eye prescriptions at the time of my heaviest writing.  So, we’re trying out this and that, adding, updating and editing over the next couple of weeks to make the site shiny and new, ready for some fresh input.

Please bear with me during this time and welcome back.