egg splode








He asked if he could have an egg so he could play egg-toss and of course we said NO then he asked could he have two and we said yes.  We said he could play down by the water.  He slingshot one into oblivion and then asked if he could light the other one on fire.  We said no, then handed him a book of matches.

We lit a tea light and placed a fork over the vessel and sat the egg on it.  It’s been about an hour now and due to the wind he’s had to relight the thing over and over.  Maybe it’s time to rethink the strategy here…








We put the egg into a deeper pot to protect the flame from the wind.  As you can see the egg did finally explode, but only a small hole broke open on one side.  It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as we’d hoped it would be.  The raccoons made a nice meal of what was left of the egg, complimented by the uneaten popcorn we left out for them and the scattered peanuts that the blue jays didn’t spot.  The neighbours must hate us.


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