eggregious eggsperiment

Our little scientist asked if he could do another egg experiment before we went away for the long weekend.  We’re not sure what’s going on with the eggs lately but we agreed to let him drop a raw egg into a glass of vinegar to see what happens.  We came back three days later and the egg was still sitting where we’d left it but the shell had a somewhat mottled appearance.  Don’t worry, I was told by people who know more about these things than I, the vinegar cooks the egg.  It should be cooked by now.

We lifted it out of the glass with a spoon and it was soft, like an under-filled balloon.  The test was to see if it was cooked inside but judging by the way it bounced back from my poking finger l was suspicious.  That didn’t feel like a hard boiled egg to me, I thought, as I took a couple of steps away from the table.  T put it in a bowl and armed with knife, he began to slice.



The egg emptied into the bowl in a very undignified way.  It did not explode or emit noxious gases.  It behaved like a raw egg would, but the yolk had a strange, preserved consistency, more gelatinous than usual.

Ewww yuck.  Makes you want to give up eggs altogether, doesn’t it?  Maybe not such a bad idea after all.

2 thoughts on “eggregious eggsperiment

  1. My sentiments eggsactly. Just egging you on, of course, because it was an eggstra special ovo-ent.