kiss me, I’m a prince

Lily pads.  I thought that they only existed in cartoons.  You know, the frog on the lily pad kind of thing?  Rrrrrrriiiibiiitttt!  But we have lily pads on the river’s edge and on those lily pads are not lilies, but frogs, like this one.  We have lots of frogs and Mia likes to chase them back into the water.  She’s the frogs’ arch nemesis but she means no harm.  She wouldn’t eat one but they don’t know that.  Frogs are smart.  They’re not going to stick around to find out if the big furry thing means business.

Now they’re hibernating in the ground for the winter and then they’ll come back again in the spring, fresh as daisies.

You know, the frog in the original Grimm’s fairy tale, the Frog Prince, didn’t really turn into a prince after being kissed by a princess.  Before Disney tamed the princess so that she would be more palatable so little girls would aspire to be just like her, she didn’t actually kiss the frog.  Oh no, she threw it against the wall in disgust, then it turned into a prince.  Must have been one-pissed off prince.  And one nasty princess.



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