when only oatmeal will do

As I slept in this morning only to be woken up by the dappled sunlight reflecting off of the very blue Moira, T was experiencing a terrific battle of wills with one very stubborn and immovable three year old. We forgot to bring Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal – a staple in our house for those who like hot and mushy food first thing in the a.m. – and his attempt at a substitution was not succeeding. Jaybird soundly refused the egg, banana and bread.  Only later did she condescend to eat the bread, but strictly on her terms:  flat hand pushing the whole piece of bread broadside into her mouth.  She has yet to understand what her teeth are for, rending the concept of biting off and chewing a foreign exercise, and something only other people need to do.  She is so weird.




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